Armed Forces Service Center | Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

Located near the ticketing counter of the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport in St. Paul, MN, lies a little home away from home for traveling US Military members, simply named, the Armed Forces Service Center.

Main lounge area of the AFSC MSP.

The AFSC offers a friendly environment and warm welcome for US Military members traveling through Minneapolis/St. Paul. With numerous couches, lounge chairs, snack bar, and kitchen, it's definitely a safe and quiet place to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal airport operations. The center even offers an abundance of bunk beds for those looking to catch a quick snooze before a flight, or even those extra long overnight layovers.

From the very second you enter the AFSC, you're greeted by super friendly volunteers... yes, VOLUNTEERS, who donate their time and effort to making sure our nation's military is taken care of. They make you feel right at home with a warm welcome and tour of the center. Drinks, snacks, and food are available free of charge, along with free WIFI and a computer station for any work or internet browsing needed to pass the time. 

The founder, Margery Purdum, opened the center in the fall of 1970 after her son, who flew Navy surveillance planes in Vietnam, died in a crash March of 1970. Before his passing, her son had told her about a service center in Seattle that catered to military members. Tired of seeing servicemen sleep on benches in the airport, Margery was quickly on her way creating the AFSC in the Minneapolis Airport which saw more than 300,000 military members passing through at the time.

The 24/7, 365 day a year center is completely independent of any government agency and is completely volunteer and donation driven. Donations from veterans, fraternal military and other organizations and their auxiliaries, and private business and individual contributors support the center in it's entirety.

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Thank you to the awesome volunteers Jeanne, Vic, and Greg for showing me the center and for their warm hospitality. Jeanne has worked at the center for over 46 years since it's opening and on the very first shift. Vic is right behind Jeanne at 40 years, and Greg had his very first day today!

Finally, thank you to everyone involved and the supporters of the AFSC MSP and for the sacrifices of the volunteers that make the AFSC MSP such an inspirational and welcoming place for our nation's military. I can honestly tell you that I speak for every military member, past, present and future, that you are truly appreciated and thanked from the bottom of our hearts.

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