Zombie Crawl 2015 | Reno, NV

Reno and it's numerous crawls... they never seem to disappoint. I'm so grateful to live in such a vibrant and fun city. This year's Zombie Crawl 2015 featured the always popular "Thriller Under the Arch" dance. It's Reno's own personal take on the famous Michael Jackson's Thriller Music Video. Gathering hundreds of people dressed in their best zombie style costumes, the crowd dances to MJ's epic song. Browse through the photos and see the various creative costumes, makeup, effects, and enjoy the show!

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Here is Michael Jackson's original Thriller music video from Youtube.(fast forward to 8:28 to see the actual dance) 

Also, here is the full video of the Thriller Under the Arch in Reno, NV 2015, courtesy of This is Reno